RG Area (Rehearsal)

Man- Davo McConville

Woman - Hannah Jedrosz

Music - Blue Moon (Various covers)

Print - Vladimir Tretchikoff

Script - Youtube translation


Produced through a series of workshops and filming on the studio, the work is a proposal for a film in which a man literally becomes an image, a bizarre evolution into a human-photograph.

The project departs from the premise of someone with a rare condition called Argyria which is the result of ingesting or over-exposure to silver nitrate. * This causes a purely aesthetic affliction, where the skin and organs turn a silver­blue colour, when exposed to light, much like when a photograph is exposed.

The protagonists inhabit a kind of ‘moon time’, manifest in a lethargic, nocturnal, repetitive mood, as they attempt to come to terms with the possibility of living in an endless nighttime, an aesthetic endgame. Language also breaks down and re-emerges as a digitally (youtube) translated script.

Multiple recordings and covers of ‘Blue Moon’ become the soundtrack (and nod to the condition). The song also becomes the subject of the action, a stereotype of ‘the love scene’ that never resolves itself but borrows from different versions of intimacy.

It is sited in a temporary, changing space; a cluttered studio, a fake lawn. Continuity is disregarded in favour of repeated themes, actions and moods.

 Although the film diverts from it's 'real life' origins, it does put forward a strange kind of retribution for a contemporary overindulgence with the image. 

A re-make of the love scene, the protagonists both conform to and divert from  cliches of couples in film; tropes of love and affection are indulged as well as blurred.

*Silver nitrate is a photosensitive compound used in film stock pre-1950. It was once known as ‘lunar caustic’ as alchemists believed that silver was associated with the moon.